Payment methods

At The Hedgehog Program we use different payment methods. Below you will find information about the different methods we offer.

Via PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page to pay via your PayPal account. This is a direct payment option where you pay for your order immediately and the products are ordered immediately. PayPal may charge additional costs for the completion of the order.

Bank transfer
You can pay for your order directly via your bank via bank transfer, for example via Internet banking. Your order will then only be processed after your payment has been made.

Pay afterwards
Your order will be processed immediately via postpay and you only pay after receipt, but in any case within 14 days. Returned products will be deducted from the amount still to be paid.


Shipping costs
When ordering physical products in our webshop, shipping costs are calculated. We order from the manufacturer that delivers the products through dropshipping. Below you will find the applicable shipping costs.

Country & weight Price *
NETHERLANDS <21.5 KG €6.60
NETHERLANDS 21.5 – 30 KG €9.70
BELGIUM <21.5 KG €6.95
BELGIUM 21.5 – 30 KG €10.25
GERMANY <21.5 KG $8.90
GERMANY 21.5 – 30 KG €12.10

PostNL frozen
Country & weight Price *
BELGIUM €14.35

Country & weight Price *
NETHERLANDS <18.5 KG €8.35
NETHERLANDS 18.5 – 30 KG €9.85
BELGIUM <18.5 KG €8.35
BELGIUM 18.5 – 30 KG €9.85
GERMANY <18.5 KG €8.35
GERMANY 18.5 – 30 KG €9.85

Country & weight Price *
* Per package/pallet.

Unfortunately, we do not supply frozen products to customers in Germany.

Delivery times
For parcel orders within the Netherlands, the following applies: ordered on working days before 5.30 p.m., delivered tomorrow. Pallet orders are an exception to this, they must be ordered before 12 noon in order to be delivered the next day. If there are delays, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can you find us? +

    The Hedgehog Program is based in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. You can find us at the address below:

    Baarlelaan 23
    7906GB Hoogeveen

    Because we do not have a shop, we are only open by appointment.

  • Are we a registered company? +

    Yes! Since October 14, 2019 we have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under the name The Hedgehog Program / THP Registry. That's because in addition to our research and education platform, we also have a pedigree registration platform for breeders, so that they can easily keep track of everything about their animals and owners can also keep records of their purchased animal if desired. You can find us under the Chamber of Commerce number 76060764.
  • How can you contact us? +

    We are available every day of the week via What's App or by email. You can also fill in our contact form on the website.

    Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    What's App: (+31) 0621144970
  • What is non-invasive research? +

    Non-invasive research is research that does not cause physical discomfort to an animal. This means that we do not conduct research that involves cutting or euthanizing animals. In the vast majority of studies we do not even use live animals! That's because we make extensive use of information we receive from keepers and breeders all over the world. Such as weights, medication use, tracking pedigrees, and so on. In case of our microscopic investigation of the structure of quills and hairs, we ask for hairs and quills from the same keepers and breeders. Hedgehogs and tenrecs naturally change their quills and hairs constantly, so these can be collected and studied without any discomfort to the animals. Even in our field research, we keep the welfare of the animals high, although we do have to disturb the animals during their daily walks. After we have weighed the animals and taken a stool sample, the animals are allowed to continue with their daily activities, in their own habitat.
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