Hedgehog research and education platform

Welcome to the new THP website!


We are sorry to announce, this website is being rewritten. You can come across empty pages when you look for information, but we hope to be finished halfway through 2019 with a new and updated hedgehog wiki, more information on other species, cool downloads an event page and a full online anonymised research database.
May you have any questions in regards to this website, its content or about your hedgehog, please contact us!

Care to donate!

As The Hedgehog Program is building the website and slowly developing towards becoming an actual business to do research and studies, we are in need of your help! Without fundings, we are not able to continue doing our work. Educating new owners, providing education options, building an international registry that is highly interactive.. All those things are impossible to do without an income. WE hope you want to support us and become a funder.

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Do you organise an event or do you know where an event is happening?

We love to add hedgehog related events to our calendar and are always on the look-out for opportunities to lay a solid ground with organisers to add annual events! Whether it’s a hedgehog show, a fair or presentation, everything hedgehog related is welcome.

Contact us through the website or fill out the form below to have your event added to our website!