A new international registry!

  Project development

A few registries in different countries have become inactive or have completely stopped their activities and we noticed breeders looking for other options. After a lot of thinking, we have decided to open our own registry! We’re not quite sure when it wil become active, but we are working on the website and the pedigree system behind it, so we can test it before we become a legit company. That way we can hit right off and let you all in on the perks of a new registry concept!

New registry concept

Yes, you’ve read that one right. Regular registries are pretty closed off and you can easily forget how your hedgehogs are registered or lose track of the hedgehogs that are registered in the first place. THPR will have a personal, online database of your registered hedgehogs so you can check their registered name including prefix and suffix, their registration number, date of birth, date of passing and a direct link towards the contact page where you can find all the forms to request or report information on specific hedgehogs by using their pedigreenames and/or registration number.

The website will also be very easily designed so you can find everything you need in a matter of seconds, no matter which page you are looking at. Guidelines, registry news, the databases, available hedgehogs in rescues & at breeders and ofcourse anything related to the registry’s community such as your profile page, member list, groups list and a quick link to post a new blogpost onto your own profile page!

Interactive community

Yes, you also read that right! You can easily design your own profile page after registering as a member, registrar or rescue. We’ve listed the perks or group onto this page for you to read, but we’ll explain a bit here as well. When you register at the website, you become a regular member. With this account you can design your own profile page with an avatar and cover photo, make your own blog with options in privacy, you can become friends with other members, breeders and rescues and even send direct messages to each other! You can also enter the registry database to see the list of breeders and rescues sorted per continent and country. You can click on them to see the information pages about the breeders and rescues and go straight to their profile to message them or check their blogs.

When joining the registrars group or rescue group, you’ll have a few extra perks to enjoy, such as joining the community forum to connect to other breeders & rescues to discuss various topics in breeding, care, food and much more. You will also get your own personal database with registered hedgehogs (rescues have a list of sold hedgehogs and new owner contact information), be able to request and report information on them using the pedigreename and/or registration number of the specific hedgehogs and a bit more of those perks.

Free and paid services

In contradiction to other registries, you only pay for a selective amount of services. Registering hedgehogs and litters is completely free as we believe everyone should be able to have a solid base to store their pedigrees and new owner information as well as a place to store vet documents, health information and weights. These mentioned services are done without a single payment. But there are a few services for which we ask a small fee: calculating genetic outcome, litter planning reminders, storing show results and participating in our Championship Chart are a few of those paid services that are optional.


The registry is also open for collaborations with other registries to improve the transition of breeders from one registry to another or in any other way possible to improve the overall welfare & husbandry of hedgehogs in general. Those with interest in collaborating can get in touch through mailing to info@thpregistry.com. We are also interested in collaboration with hedgehog show organisations!

Closing off..

We hope to have gained your attention towards the new registry and additional ideas are always welcome! You can mail them to info@thpregistry.com. We will come forward with new information soon!