A new year, a new perspective

  Project development

First of all, i want to wish everyone a happy new year with the best wishes! For me, the past year was a year full of lessons. How to deal with proffesional institutes and make small collaborations, how to move further to make The Hedgehog Program a valuable platform and which paths not to cross.

In the new year, i want to move forward with a brand new perspective. I used to collaborate with a few people around the website and the researches, but i have decided it was better to make The Hedgehog Program my own project with just one face. You might have noticed i usually write in phrases with “we”, but now i am writing as just me. After 7 years of trying to get a good name and working on collaborations and a widespread name, i feel like now is the time to go back to basic for at least a while. Or maybe permanently, who knows?


In the new year, the main goal will be education. Achieving a certificate that’s demanded in The Netherlands if you want to work with animals commercially. Now, education and research is a grey area of which it’s unsure if i would be listed as commercially or not. So, better safe than sorry! The certificate is my main goal, but also an education on Animal breeding & genetics with a certificate that would give me the academic title of BSc. And i’m working on a course of Animal ethics. A busy year full of learning new things and exploring new paths.

The Hedgehog Progam registry & the hedgery

Back to basic, also means i’m working to get the websites involved with the project easily connected. So you can go from this main website towards the hedgery of the registry. It will take some time to get it all done and working, but there’s a lot to come! The hedgery is written in Dutch, but can be translated in the same way as the main website and the registry website. This website shows our hedgehogs and some basic information on how to reserve a hedgehog as well as a list of previous litters and current litters. The registry will be closed for new registering breeders until further notice, but you can become a regular member! Breeders already listed as registering breeders can always register their hedgehogs.


The researches will continue and i even have an edditional research planned for this year and next year. Doing microscopic research towards hedgehog colors and variations. Using quills and hairs from hedgehogs, i can compare the structure, build up and pigmentation per color an add the gained information to the current hedgehog genetics research.

A good year to come!

I hope with this new perpective, it will be a good year with new adventures. I want to thank all of you who have put their faith in this project and the donators for investing their money into the developement of the project and the researches!