African Pygmy Hedgehog color guide

African Pygmy Hedgehogs know a lot of varieties. It’s often said that they have over 90 different colors, but that’s not entirely the case. Though a mixture of different mutations can create a lot of looks, not all varieties are actually colors.

In genetics there is a distinction between base colors and patterns. Colors can be mixed to create different colors for masks, quills and eyes, patterns are basically an overlay on top the the colors to create all kinds of different looks. The genetics of colors and patterns can’t mix, meaning they don’t genetically affect one another and inherit completely independent.

The color guide therefore is divided into sections. One section for base colors and mixed colors and another section for the patterns. Using the Punnett square, the genetic calculator and the genetic codes displayed with each color, you are able to calculate the outcome of all of your litters. For the Punnett square you need a basic knowledge of genetics. The genetic calculator is a simple click & calculate system, but isn’t as accurate.

To gain more knowledge on genetics, we would kindly point you to our African Pygmy hedgehog genetics course.

Page 1: Intro
Page 2: Colors
Page 3: Patterns
Page 4: EMS Codes

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