Brown – Brown dilute

Brown dilute is a mutation that lightens the black pigment, creating a browner version of a Dark Grey. It also lightens to color due to the missing Black pigment, making it look very similar to a Grey, but very distinctive from a Dark Grey. As with dilution, the mask can fade after uberty quilling until it’s barely visible.

Brown dilute is a autosomal recessive mutation, meaning it has to come from both of the parents (outers or at the very least carriers) to become visible on a hedgehog. It doesn’t show when carried. As with all recessive mutations, they need two alleles for the mutation.

  • Brown before fading

Brown hedgehogs have a liver colored skin, light brown mask and ears and theirnose and eyes are black. As with Grey, this color can also fade massively after 12 weeks. Their quills are dark brown banded and have orange ticking.

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