Short facts

  • If your African Pygmy Hedgehogs has a dry skin you often can treat it with a bath containing oatmeal, olive oil, coconut oil or linseed oil. You can also put a few drop of these oil on their kibbles. Not too much because you don’t want your hedgehog to gain too much weight; one drop per 2 to 3 days is enough.
  • Is the skin flaky, dry and does it have red area’s? Than go to the chapter about their health.
  • African Pygmy Hedgehogs are solitary animals, which means that they don’t live together. Males can be very agressive to eachother. Females who are used to living together from an early age do accept eachother, but do bear in mind that it’s always a risk. Under the section ‘Cohabitating or not’ you can find more.
  • An African Pygmy Hedgehog has to be housed warm, so you can’t always take it outside. The warmer the better, so don’t take your hedgehog outside when it’s below 25 degrees Celsius and only when it’s dry outside!


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