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New website

Welcome to the new website of The Hedgehog Program!

It's been a while since we've let some news out and published articles. And it's not been without reason! As some of you are aware, we've been planning field research in Uganda, but first are going to do several field researches in Europe to test the research methods. The new page in the research section, provides you with more details about this new project. But there's more!

The genetics study in African Pygmy Hedgehogs has been finished and we're in the process of getting the research paper published. Or if it's not begin published in peer reviewed journal, we will be taking steps towards publishing the research ourselves. And with this project being finished, it means there's space for a new one! We're setting up a new genetics study in Long Eared hedgehogs. Being the second most popular species and developing more colors as their genetics mutate in captivity through breeding, we're curious to their colors and genetics!

Hedgehog Wiki

As you might have noticed in the menu, there's now a 'Hedgehog Wiki' added! This isn't merely about hedgehogs though as the wiki also holds plenty of room for tenrecs. We have added a few limited amount of articles, but we will be working towards more. There is a lot of content planned to deeply discuss the topics of husbandry, but also about their native habitat, the medical issues arising in the species and ofcourse we will be venturing into other species of hedgehogs and tenrecs as times goes on.

If you've visiting the Hedgehog Wiki, you can click the buttons to get more categories to show up. But you can also simply click the categories to open a list of articles in that categorie. When you click a category that has subcategories, these will be shown underneath the list of articles. So you can simply click and venture into the deep realm of knowledge. Well, when there's actually something to read, that is!


Next to the Hedgehog Wiki, you will find the courses. These are online courses in various levels and about various topics regarding hedgehogs and tenrecs. You might have been aware of our African Pygmy Hedgehog genetics course, which is based on our genetic study. But we are also developing more and more as we go along. On july 1st, the basic care course for African Pygmy Hedgehog owners will air! This is a free course that beginning owners can take to read up on the species' needs. It also comes with a nice certificate to show your breeder that you've read up and researched the species before getting a hedgehog.

If you've already enrolled a course before, your progress is saved and you can just continue as usual! The website of the courses has changed, but you can log in to your account throuhg the 'Profile' page. The 'Courses' page is where you'll find all of the courses. Or visit the homepage of the website to see the courses sorted by category.


As we're now a licensed breeder, we've decided to put back the hedgery sectoin on the website. We remain a small breeding business in The Netherlands though and we do not take part in import or export by plane, out of various safety concerns. In the section, you'll find a large amount of pages filled to the brim with information about our animals and the way we work. Be sure to read everything if you're interested in buying a hedgehog from us, because we expect our buyers to come prepared!


The registry link opens the website of THP Registry in a new tab. This is only useful for breeders, as THP Registry is a pedigree registration platform for breeders of hedgehogs and tenrecs. All species are allowed to register and we work globally! We do however recommend American breeders to register their initials through either of the American registries and use THP Registry as an additional service, if so desired. The website of THP Registry will be renewed throughout june as well and will air officially on july 1st with a new website! Keep an eye on the changes and when in doubt, please reach out. We're always here to help!


Our newest addition is our shop and if you're in The Netherlands, then you're in for a treat! We will be building the country's firsth specialized webshop for hedgehogs and tenrecs, including everything you can think of! Be mindful of the fact that living animals cannot be shipped, they can only be received at our home as we do not have a physical shop. The shop works through dropshipping, which means we do not have a physical storage of products. If you want to pick up your order from our home, for example when you come to pick up your new hedgehog, make an order early on and clcik the 'Pick up in Hoogeveen' option.

If you're not in The Netherlands, your shopping experience will be limited to books and other digital downloads. As we're starting out slow and small with the webshop, we currently do not ship products across the Dutch borders. Maybe someday we will!

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