Hedgehog research and education platform


As The Hedgehog Program developes slowly into a legit business, we are working hard on getting the websites and our new app ready. This is essential for starting off in a good way with the entire business to ensure a steady income and a good survival rate. Yes, we know.. We would prefer it wasn’t as official and strict either, but if we want to achieve something we would need to play it right! We’ve experienced a lot of scientific institutes not wanting to collaborate because we aren’t a business and we think we can do a whole lot more this way. How amazing would it be to be able to collaborate with institutes to get more scientific information on any species of hedgehogs?! And rest assured, we will definitely show you how fun science can be because it’s not all about lab coats and microscopes, it’s so much more!

But as we’re trying to kickstart the project into becoming a legit business, we have very limited time to think about the financials and that eaves us with one issue: how are we going to pull it of wihtout that much funding? So we started a GoFundMe to get through these months until we have generated a steady income. It doesn’t have to be much, as long as it’s able to survive this period. We don’t need to get rich!

If you carry us a warm heart and want to support us through this journey, please visit our GoFundMe campaign and become a funder. Every little bit helps and is highly appreciated! Also, we want to thank our funders so far and let them know we love you too!

P.s. for the bigger funders we are going to give away a few free books upon publishing!

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