Four platforms, one website!

With The Hedgehog Program starting out as a new, fresh website and being a new registered company after eight years of hard work to get the researches going, we are aiming for a lot in the future! The Hedgehog Program consist of a main website, a database website, a forum and a brand new global registry. With the idea of one world, one platform we are expressing out future goal as clearly as possible. Because together as a united community, we can make a lot of difference in the scientific world and trigger institutes to do more research into our pet species of hedgehogs!

The webshop

This website is where you can find the free downloadables as well as paid articles and even physical products. Worldwide shipping and digital downloads have 24/7 access to your bought products in your webshop account.

The research website

A secondary website is intertwined with the main website to display all research data and analyses. It acts as the same website as the main website, but it really is a second website dedicated to the data display and functioning like a database. This is where you find information on the genetic researches as well as all future researches. The analyses of the researches and other usefull information about them are also found here.

The forum

To make a dedicated place to let people come together and talk about hedgehogs, we made a new global forum that also will include a variety of informational posts including links to various hedgehog websites for more information on certain subjects.

The registry

The Hedgehog Program Registry or THPR for short, is a new global registry that acts like an online database. Pedigrees are visible for anyone registering as a member for free, creating a way to get more insight on your hedgehogs and their relatives. With every bit of information visible online, it’s not very hard to see that the registry focusses on you as a breeder or rescue, to help you in creating a stable and healthy lineage.

The main website

This is the website you can enter all four platforms from. The registry, the research database and the main website have intertwined menu’s, but the forum and the webshop are seperate websites. But you can always find your way back to the main website wherever you are! Making it all one website, despite it being four different platforms.

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