Grey – Dilute

Dilute is a mutation that causes pigment to lighten, creating a lighter version of Dark Grey: Grey. It looks very similar to the wildcolor, with the biggest difference seen in the mask. Grey hedgehogs tend to have a fading mask after their puberty quilling (at 12 weeks of age). Their quills are a bit lighter as well, but this is hardly seen  until you see the quills from up close and directly compare them with a Dark Grey.

Dilute is a autosomal recessive mutation, meaning it has to come from both of the parents (outers or at the very least carriers) to become visible on a hedgehog. It doesn’t show when carried. As with all recessive mutations, they need two alleles for the mutation.

  • Grey, before fading

Grey hedgehogs have a dark grey to black nose. The skin on their backs is light grey. The eyes are fully black. The ears and mask when young start out as a dark grey color with a brown hue, very similar to Dark Grey. But when aging, after 12 weeks the mask gets lighter and can amost fade until it’s barely visible. The quills are dark grey, near black, with an dark brown ticking around the banding of the quills.

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