Short facts

  • Young hoglets up to 12 weeks of age can carry worms, which they’ve got from their mother through the milk. Most of the time they will grow over these worms, but if they don’t then peasse seek a vet to treat them if they are younger than 6 months of age.
  • Green stools can be caused by green vegetables like spinach and kale. If it’s green and goes back to normal after a day, then it’s usually nothing wrong. Does it last longer than 24 hours? Then please, seek a vet.
  • When an African Pygmy Hedgehog spits saliva over it’s quills, it is called “anointing”. This is completely normal behaviour, but on the page about their ‘care’ you can read more about this.

Petra v andel

Foto von Hedgery Kalunguyeye


How does good stools look like?


Green stools

Yellow stools

Slimy stools

Blood in stools


Hedgehog scratches a lot

Flaky skin and wounds

White dots in stools

Hedgehog is getting underweight

Hedgehog has a hard, swollen belly

Bacteria, viruses and fungi





Blood in urine

Blood out of the nose

Blood out of the ears

Blood or crusts in armpits/on breast

Open wounds

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome or hibernation attempt?

Poging tot winterslaap

Progression of the symptoms

To prevent is better than to cure

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome

Progression of the symptoms


Skin issues

Dry skin

Flaky, red skin. Sometimes with wounds

Red, crusty skin

Yellowish ‘fingers’ on the ears

Yellow-beige flaky skin

Eye problems

Grey hue in the eyes

Blue rim around black eyes

Irritated eyelids

Pus out of the eyes

Sticky eyes, stuck together

Ear problems

Pus in the ears

Yellowish ‘fingers’ on the ears

Crusty ears

Flaky ears, not red

Flaky, red ears

Dental issues

Respiratory problems

Hedgehog sneezes a lot

Runny nose and rattling

Blood in the nose

Squeeking sound while breathing

Heavy breathing

Quick, unsteady breathing

Common health issues

Blue glow on the skin

Blue belly

Yellow belly

Hedgehog drinks a lot and is gaining weight

Hedgehog is gaining weight, doesn’t drink too much