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As a hedgery, we are always on the move to improve. This also includes obtaining a professional competence.With proof of registration for the Professional Competence Keepers of animals - other mammals, we therefore comply with the Animal Keepers Decree.


Our hedgery is always easily approachable via Facebook and WhatsApp, so we can always assist our buyers for advice and guidance. Of course you can always find a lot of information on our website and you will receive guidance about basic care in advance.


We are always looking for better options regarding housing, nutrition and care. We spend a lot of time socializing our animals so that they have already established a good foundation with their new owners to get used to a new home.

Customer reviews

This is what people say about us.

B. Groenewoud
Owner of HOTHM Rochas

Judith is a person with a big heart for animals. Hedgehogs in particular are one of her favorites, she knows a lot about this. When she has litters of hedgehogs, everything is carefully monitored to see if everything is going well with the little ones and the mother. There are not many tidies per hedgehog and after a certain age they may no longer be used for breeding and they retire. She also knows a lot about the color types of the hedgehogs and is also researching how different color types arise. When you have a hedgehog away from Judith, you can always go to her for questions, help and advice. Judith's hedgehogs are well socialized before going to a new owner and always come with pedigree. She also checks in advance whether people have read enough to buy a hedgehog, also to reduce impulse purchases.

HOTHM Rochas
J. Spoel
Owner of HOTHM Zapdos

More than three years ago, during my search for a good breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs, I came across Judith Bos. The nice, clear website full of information about the African Pygmy Hedgehogs and its breeding program was the deciding factor for me.
I always received a quick and comprehensive response to all my questions and was also immediately welcome to drop by for an orientation introduction, after which I ended up on the waiting list. And three months later I was the proud owner of a beautiful black reversed pinto male. Now three years later I still enjoy my beautiful healthy hedgehog and can continue to contact Judith for advice.
I can therefore definitely recommend Judith Bos' hedgery to anyone who is looking for an experienced and reliable breeder with a heart for her animals.

HOTHM Zapdos
V. Mariendal-Jeppensen
Owner of HOTHM Provence MYS

My best recommendation to Judith. She has been my mentor – mostly in trying to understand hedgehog colors – especially the new ones, which I think is really exiting.
Always sweet, accommodating and helpful. Impressed by her work and knowledge. Fantastic she want to share it. Thank you for letting me buy a beautiful blue hog from you which I fell in love with, and you also brought him to Denmark for me!

HOTHM Provence MYS
B. Top
Owner of HOTHM Murtagh FitzGibbons

"I would like a hedgehog!" It took 2 years for me to really take the step. 13 weeks ago the time had come. Fantastic! In the 2 years I have been constantly browsing the internet to see what the hedgehog entails. Until I came across an advertisement. No, that's not quite correct, it was a birth announcement of 2 brothers and their sister. I contacted Judith Bos to ask if I could reserve one. After a screening (where I also learned more about the hedgehogs) I was on the waiting list. From that moment on I was constantly informed about the hedgehog. Questions about housing and all kinds of matters were answered clearly and quickly. Sometimes I asked for an update and I immediately received it the same evening with photos or videos. Weights and progress of my cuddly toy followed each other so actually from the moment of booking the bond was made between me and the hedgehog. The evening of the pick-up, a lot of time was taken for me and there was plenty of time for questions and comments. Got lots of presents for my cuddly toy. And documentation where I could look up additional things. If I have any questions? Can I always send an app! I found the run-up and the transfer and the chat contacts very warm and they ensured a wonderful start in my hedgehog adventure. Thank you.

HOTHM Murtagh FitzGibbons

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