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African Pygmy Hedgehogs are exotic animals that have become increasingly popular in recent years. But they remain exotic animals that you should not just take into your home, they require a lot of reading and preparation. Therefore, please read our informative pages about their accommodation, care, nutrition and more. At our hedgery you will receive a survey when you register for the waiting list to determine how much knowledge you have about these animals. We do this to find out how much guidance you may need in this preparation. It is different from what you are used to with many other hedgeries, but in the end this also ensures that you start with more knowledge on these animals, you know somewhat how to react to situations when they arise and it therefore also improves animal welfare. for your new pet.


In the caresheet you can read all the basic information you need for your African Pygmy Hedgehog to take good care of him or her. For example, we treat housing, nutrition, care and health, but we also teach you about the different types of behavior and how you can best handle your hedgehog and fix it if necessary.

Read the caresheet.

Questions and answers

Outside of the care sheet, we regularly receive questions from people who have had a African Pygmy Hedgehogs for a long time, which we can imagine would be useful to treat separately. This way you can always continue to learn more on top of the basics. We regularly update this list of questions and answers.

Read the questions and answers.


When you work with animals, buy or sell an animal, you have to deal with different legislations. This includes, for example, the Animals Act and, in our case as a commercial breeder, also consumer law. These are two important laws to know, so that you always know where you stand. That is why we have a small explanation with links to the specific legislation.

Read more about laws.

Professional competence

Professional competence is part of the Animals Act and is very important to know as a commercial breeder. This is the certification that is required to be allowed to breed and trade animals. You can of course read exactly how this works on the page about professional competence.

Read about the professional competence

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