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If you work with animals in the Netherlands: they breed, trade or receive them. Then you have to adhere to a number of laws. These three laws partly overlap and are a good safety net to guarantee animal welfare! Learn more about this, even if you don't buy a hedgehog from us.

Animals Act

The Animals Act has been applicable in the Netherlands since 19 May 2011. This is legislation that concerns the preservation of animal welfare and animal welfare in combination with public health (in connection with zoonoses). This legislation states, among other things, that animals with complications must be seen by a veterinarian and that animals must remain with their mother until they can eat and drink independently.

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Consumer law

In addition, consumer law also applies in the Netherlands. As a private individual who buys an animal from a commercial breeder, you are entitled to a guarantee scheme. This includes that you as a buyer have a six-month warranty and what obligations you have.

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Decree animal keepers

Since 1 July 2018, there is also the Animal Keepers Decree, which breeders must adhere to. This legislation states that an idea that breeds animals in a commercial way must be in possession of the certificate of competence corresponding to the animal species concerned. For hedgehogs this is the Competence of keepers of animals - other mammals. Judith has held the certificate since February 2021, making it qualified to manage our hedgery. We are also registered with the Chamber of Commerce, which means that we do not have to request an additional UBN.

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