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Decree animal keepers

The Animal Keepers Decree is a legislation that stipulates that keepers of animals who act commercially must have a certificate proving that they do this according to standards. You check yourself and you have to prove it to an inspector yourself. A breeder, shelter, shop or dealer is covered by this legislation. To prove that you comply with the decision as a business institution, special courses have been set up that teach you about housing, care, breeding and trading of the animals. There is also a piece of legislation to teach you about different laws pertaining to animal breeding and trade. If you complete the course properly, you will receive a certificate and you will be "professional". The courses are divided between different types of animals:

  • Dog & Cat
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Other mammals

Other mammals

The course "Decision Keepers of Animals - Other Mammals" is the course that is required to obtain the certificate of professional competence associated with Witbuikegels. There are several schools that offer the course with both classroom and online courses. The course consists of approximately 6 weeks of teaching material, a knowledge exam and a skills exam. Some schools also set an internship period as part of the course. After passing the course, the business institution will have to be registered with the RVO. You submit the professional competence yourself via the portal.

Our expertise

Judith completed her course at Citaverde College on February 8, 2021. This means that she has completed the course, passed the theory exam and passed the practical exam with a pass. She therefore has the certificate "WB Other Mammals (Animal Keepers Decree)" and is therefore qualified to breed and sell animals in accordance with the Animals Act.

When Judith is not available, no animals are sold. That is why we only sell on reservation and we do not have a physical store. The certificate can always be requested during the visit, but will not be sent digitally due to fraud. When a visit to the hedgehog room is possible again, the certificate will be displayed clearly visible.


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