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Are you looking for an African Pygmy Hedgehog and have you chosen to reserve a hedgehog with us? Then you will have to take into account a number of protocols, because we do not just offer an animal to someone. That sounds very strict and it is, but for good reason. As a professional breeder, we adhere to rules and laws, but we also expect you as a buyer to observe the associated obligations. And above all, we want you to be really ready for your adventure with your new pet.



Before contacting us, it is important that you really read the information on the website carefully. When we receive a registration, you will first receive a survey with questions about African Pygmy Hedgehogs to see how much you have been read. It also clearly indicates how much guidance you may need from registration to picking up your hedgehog, so that you have all the necessary basic knowledge to take good care of your new pet when you pick it up. Reading is always important, because with this knowledge you are well prepared for the average 4 to 6 years that the hedgehog lives.


The waiting list

If you have completed the survey and you are accepted on the waiting list, you will always be told where you are on the waiting list. The waiting list is also visible online, so you can keep track of any shifts. This way you always know how long you may have to wait before it is your turn to reserve a hedgehog. The waiting time is difficult to determine, because we never know in advance how many little ones will be born in a litter, how many will be raised, how many people will actually choose a little one for you from that litter and how many little ones will be kept by ourselves. We will therefore not specify any waiting time and always adhere to the order of the waiting list.
Pay attention:We do not sell to persons under the age of 18 without parental / guardian consent.


Visiting appointments

If you still have doubts about our hedgery or if you want to get to know us and / or the hedgehogs, this can always be arranged by appointment. Corona-proof appointments are also no problem at all, because during the pandemic we apply strict rules regarding visit appointments. Violation of one of these rules will break any agreement made regarding a reservation of a hedgehog. Because it concerns a zoonosis, we do not take any risks. The following rules apply:

  • No more than one person per appointment.
  • Mouth mask required.
  • During the appointment, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained.
  • Before and after handling a hedgehog, we ask you to disinfect your hands.
  • Always adhere to the applicable rules of the RIVM.

We put the health of our animals first. Because the SarS-CoV-2 virus is a zoonosis, we do not take any risks with our animals. Hedgehogs handled by members outside of our own household are under extra close watch. Because the incubation period is approximately 14 days, those hedgehogs remain in quarantine for 2 weeks. We will also visibly disinfect our hands during these appointments to minimize any risks. If rules from the RIVM become more flexible, our policy will be adjusted.


A hedgehog

When the young hedgehogs are old enough - four weeks or older - we will contact the first person on the waiting list after we have made a choice. We will then send an email or a message via Facebook, depending on which way you prefer to keep in touch. Here we mention the names of available youngsters, we send the most recent photos and we give a description of the character per hedgehog. This way you can make a conscious choice. Of course you can always follow the nest via our Facebook, via our Facebook group or via the website at the page “Litters”. In this way you have an even better estimate of their characters and external qualities.

However, you are not required to choose a hedgehog from that particular litter! As a hedgery, we advocate making the best matches between new owners and hedgehogs. So if you prefer a hedgehog with black eyes and a dark color, we can include that on the waiting list. Or if you prefer a specific character for reasons, we will of course include that as well. So you can safely decline an offer without losing your position on the waiting list.

For a reservation we require a deposit of € 50 , which will be deducted from the total purchase amount of the relevant hedgehog. This deposit is non-refundable after cancellation of the reservation, regardless of the situation. So think carefully about your purchase!



If the hedgehog in question has been reserved by you, it is no longer seen as available and the hedgehog is "yours". We put this in brackets, because we use a reconsideration period of two weeks . In the animal sector, we often experience that people still have reservations after a short period of time and prefer not to have an animal reserved by them. Often people still continue with the purchase and then regret their purchased animal and then put the animal up for sale to get the purchase amount back. We prefer not to participate in this and we therefore want to tackle the problem at its roots by offering a reflection period. During these two weeks, you have the time to think carefully about your purchase and the responsibility that comes with it. If you change your mind within this cooling-off period, you will simply receive the deposit back. After the reflection period, we assume that you have thought carefully about the purchase of the new pet and this refund will expire if you still decide not to proceed with the purchase. This also applies if we still cancel the sale after the reflection period, for example because we no longer hear from you. In this case, we will send an email with a deadline for response. If you do not respond within this time, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase without refund of the deposit.

When the hedgehog is eight weeks old or weighs at least 200 grams, whichever of these two factors happens the earliest, the hedgehog may move. We will make an appointment well in advance in consultation with you to pick up your hedgehog. We always do this per hedgehog from each nest, so that we have ample time for each new owner to answer any questions in person. If you prefer to see the whole nest, we recommend that you make a visit appointment in advance. Young hedgehogs of almost eight weeks that are reserved, the reflection period also applies. In this case, the hedgehog will be slightly older when he / she is allowed to move, so that you have time to think about the purchase.

When you come to pick up your purchased hedgehog, always make sure you have the right items to transport the hedgehog. A plastic container with a lid and adequate ventilation is a must. We do not move hedgehogs in styrofoam boxes or cardboard boxes. After all, a solid transport container is also necessary for vet visits and is one of the standard purchases in preparation for a hedgehog as mentioned on the page “preparation”. In the transport box you can use a fleece blanket or other bedding, in combination with a sleeping bag or more fleece to hide in and possibly sleep during the moving ride. In weather conditions below 25 degrees Celsius in the open air, we require a heat pad or heat patch to keep the hedgehog warm during the move. If these supplies are not present at the pick-up appointment, we are at all times authorized to fully cancel the purchase while retaining the entire down payment to compensate for the time and costs made in the preparation of the appointment.


The first days

As a hedgery, we start socializing when the hedgehogs are two weeks old. Every hedgehog is different, but most hedgehogs are already tame and used to domestic noises. We introduce them to our cats, let them handle them several times by others, they walk on the couch and you can of course also get to know them yourself after booking. This way you have a good start if your hedgehog is allowed to move.

Often, however, you will have to make some effort to get the hedgehog really used to it. We have made a step-by-step plan for this, so that you can start right away and know what to expect. And if you cannot find an answer, we are of course always available!


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