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In hedgery, a waiting list is used to give everyone the chance to find a hedgehog that suits them. We listen to your wishes, but we also take into account who is more interested in a hedgehog. Breeders have priority on this waiting list to take over an animal in order to expand their bloodlines. We do take into account a maximum of two breeders (including ourselves) per litter, so that private buyers also have the opportunity to make a choice.

To register, we ask you to fill in our reservation form so that we have an idea of your experience and can reserve a place on the waiting list for you. You can read how we work with this on the reservation page.

Reservation form

Waiting list

Name Color Gender Goal
Cologne Hedgies - - Breeding
Quill Wars Light Male Breeding
Vladimir Dark - Pet
Arischa Dark eyes Female Pet

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