Our partners have been generously donating information about their hedgehogs and litters or have been donating quills and hairs for our researches. Without our partners we would not be able to research the species of hedgehogs like we have in the past. And we hope in the future, that we can also count on their help.

If you want to help as well and become a partner, please check our research page to see which researches you can donate towards! Or you can become a funder by donating. The choice is yours!


Erizos Panzas Verdes
Pinchuditos – Erizos Afrikanos


La hérissonnière de Montréal
Hedgehog’s Island


1. Registr afrických trpasličích ježků


Jacobine Stueopdræte
Lyl Hedgehog
Tiny Zoo


Exotic Hedgehog Club Europe e.V.
KS Berlinhedgies
Grimms igelnest
Sasis Hedgies
Weimarer Stachelchen


MiMi Hedgies
Pogany pagony
Smiling Hedgies
Zempléni Hedgies


Mifan Hedgies


Sweet spiky hedgies

The Netherlands

Hedgery Dèvi
Vogels en Bijzondere Dieren – Faculteit Diergeneeskunde
Hedgehogs of Asgard
Hedgery Kalunguyeye
Hedgery of the High Moors
Hedgery Megcie
Hedgery Priklee


Medovyy Kray

United Kingdom

Humble Hogs
Jaggy Babies
Ouchmouse house
PixiePigs hedgehog
Quills and Thrills
Rainbow Hogs African Pygmy Hedgehog Sale Page
The Rabbit Warren
TVT Vivariums

United States of America

Bayou side hedgehogs
Bumble Bee Hedgies
Hedges Hedgehogs
Heart of Ohio Hedgies
Morning Star Hedgehogs
Northern Indiana Hedgehogs
Prickle Picks Hedgehogs
The Alternative Hedgehog