Interactive mobile app!

  Project development

With the new registry being currently in developement, we were thinking of a way to connect the research & education platform with the registry. Ofcourse we have a menu item towards the registry and we have quite a few links towards this website to switch back and forth, but it can be so much easier! And thus we started to create an app! So let’s start with a simple sneak preview and an introduction, shall we?

The Hedgehog Program app

The name of the app will be the same as this website and will have the same icon as we have on this website as a favicon. It’s recognizable and doesn’t call for confusement. Simple, easy and accessable!

For which platforms?

The app currently is tested on Android only, but we might test it on other platforms as well! The other options are Apple, Kindle, Windows, Blackberry and PWA.

The layout

We have made a pew pages up until now and we will add a lot more throughout developing! But here’s a list of them right now and a sneak peak!

  1. About us: A page with information about The Hedgehog Program, how it has began and achievements.
  2. About hedgehogs: A page with the known hedgehog species and information on them with pictures, taxonomy and the rest of the info depending on pet or wild species.
  3. Tools: a page with links to data report forms, a form to request/edit/report information to the registry and the rest still being developed.
  4. Events: hedgehog related events, the same list as on this website is added to the app as well!
  5. News: the bog list as shown on this website, visible on your mobile app.
  6. Shop: this is where you can buy eBooks and other downloadable content. A part of the app that will support our researches and everything else we do with The Hedgehog Program.