Short facts

Breed ripe:                              6 weeks
Breed suitable female:           First mating between 6-12 months and 350 grams
Breed suitable male:              From age of 4-6 months and 300 grams
Breeding pauze:                     A minimum of 4 months from birth of the litter
Gestation:                                34 to 46 days
Birthweight:                            Approx. 10 grams
Eyes open:                               Between 14-18 days
Seperate by gender:               5 to 6 weeks
Moving out:                             8 weeks
Moving weight:                       A minimum of 180 grams


Photo by Hedgery of the High Moors


The right parents

Mating ritual


Lenght of gestation

Weight gaining

Giving birth

Mucous membrane


First day

First weeks

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Seperate by gender

From when?

The differences


Moving out

Searching for owners

What’s moving with them?

Moment of moving


Problems in advance

Related lines

No click while pairing

Man stays stuck during mating

Man injured while mating

Problems during gestation


Uterine inflammation

Weight issues

Bad genes/weak lines

Problems during childbirth

Early childbirth

No afterbirth

Malformed hoglets

Dead hoglets

Hoglet stays hooked/bumped

Hips are grown together

Problems after childbirth

Mom passed away

To the guide

Underdeveloped hoglets

Vulva keeps bleeding after childbirth

Hoglets are injured/killed