New layout, new features!

You might have noticed, that we started this year with a new layout for the website, with space for a magazine-like front page. This is part of our decision to create a more pro-active way to educate people about hedgehogs and tenrecs. Ofcourse, we still make use of the translate option to make the website readable in every language around the world.

The magazine

The new website and the magazine frontpage also allow for people’s stories to be submitted onto the website, so send in your story! Your experiences and knowledge may contribute to our overall knowledge of these animals or can be used as a way to trigger scientists to research certain subjects. Or if you perhaps are a scientist yourself, you can gain more following and more data through this website. If you want to submit a story, make sure to send it to


If you or your club is organizing an event, you can also make a promotional article about this and gain more visitors! Or maybe even a new sponsor from unexpected corners. Just write a promotional article (in English) and send a featured image with it (800 x 450 px) to our email address mentioned in the above section and we’ll make sure to publish it for you.

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