Article last updated on February 20th, 2019.

Other species of hedgehogs

There are 17 species of hedgehogs in the world and science isn’t even sure if all of them are discovered and there migth even be a few subspecies! All of these species are found in Eurasia and Africa, which is the only area they are natively found. Although due to import as pets (both legal and illegal), hedgehogs are now also found introduced in America and New Zealand. As where America sees them as popular pets and are rapidly increasing in numbers, New Zealand sees them as a pest.


The Atelerix family of hedgehogs are species that are native to Africa. There are four known species within the family. Both the African pygmy hedgehog and the North African hedgehog are found in captivity, with African pygmy hedgehogs being the most popular species in captivity worldwide. The Southern African hedgehog is a protected species and the Somali hedgehogs are hardly ever found, but have been reported to be exported to Europe in the past. Since 2010, no reports in the export of Somali hedgehogs have been found.


This genus decribes hedgehogs from Europe and Asia and consists out of four species:


This genus described two species from Central and South Asia.


This genus describes two species from East Asia.


This genus describes four species from North Africa, Middle East and South Asia.