Our one year anniversary!

Time flies by when you’re having fun! Which is definitely what i am experiencing here at The Hedgehog Program. Just last year on October 14th, 2019 i have officially registered The Hedgehog Program and THP Registry as my company under a joint Chamber of Commerce number. After eight years of hard work, i had finally made it! and now i am ready to celebrate the one year anniversary with you! I will explain..

The history behind the Hedgehog Program

Back in 2011 i, Judith, got my very first hedgehog Bella, out of a rescue situation. As i searched the internet for information, i experienced there to be a lack of information about these animals in my own language and i started to translate information from English, German and Spanish. I developed a website in my own language with the very basic information about the species. Slowly but steadily, more people became interested in my knowledge on these animals and asking if i planned on translating the website into other languages. And so i did. After asking people to help translate the website into multiple languages, i found it became hard to keep everything up-to-date and thus i made an English website with a translating plugin (which still exists today on the bottom right of the screen) to make it internationally available. The website evolved into a project to gain more knowledge through research and i became an independent researcher over the years as the website evolved into the platform it is today.

In 2018 i decided i could implement a registry where pedigrees are displayed online to participating members, to create an interactive pedigree registration platform with a community plugin to help give people the opportunity to communicate with each other through the website. I started with 10 testing breeders, including myself, and began registering pedigrees, developing tools and improving the system, before launching THP Registry and The Hedgehog Program as official businesses on October 14th, 2019 in honoration of my late brother who passed away 5 years prior in 2014. In the meantime i have stopped her own registry to focus on my businesses full-time!

2018. Educating the public about hedgehogs, during an animal event in The Netherlands.


So on October 14th, The hedgehog Program and THP Registry exist officially for one year and as they’ve been so successful internationally, it is about time to go celebrate! This involves multiple sales and reveals, so read on!


On October 14th, our first online course about Africa Pygmy Hedgehog genetics will officially air! The timer on the course page will indicate the time left before you can finally enroll into the course. We are currently testing and improving the course ourselves and thus, our account is currently still enrolled to test it out. Be sure to put a reminder on your phone if you want to enroll, because from October 14th to November 14th, the course will only cost €14,99 instead of €19,99!


We are on the verge of publishing our first ever research, which is the research towards African Pygmy Hedgehog genetics. In the period of September 14th towards November 14th, we will keep working on the African Pygmy Hedgehog color guide and publish the color guide and publish the guide on November 14th, 2020 in celebration of our one year anniversary.

We are also setting up our new researches, which involves a microscopic research into quill structure as well as a global research into general health of African Pymgy Hedgehogs. We also want to research other species, but what the subjects will be is still a secret for now…

2019. Cross section of a quill from a Long Eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus).


The webshop where we sell eBooks, hardcover books and other useful information such as free to download caresheets is having a make-over! But also, we will be selling our quill pendants for €9,99 ex. shipping! We will be adding a lot more products to the shop soon, so check it out over the coming two months!

We also want to give you the opportunity to get some nice discount, so be sure to use the couponcode “SALE2020”, which will be available until November 14th, 2020 and gives you 20% off!


We added a forum to the website where you can chat around with other members! Be sure to register an account, because you can’t reply to topics or posts without one. Chat about hedgehogs or tenrecs, or share your hobbies with us!


To combine the shop, the courses, the forum and everything all in one, we implemented a community plugin to provide even more interaction with other members and the entire website! Check out your profile after registration and enjoy the many options to write blogs, make statuses, manage your shop orders and product reviews, see your forum activity and course progress all in one account. Make friends and send them private messages or write blogs visible only to your friends! So many options, we can’t even begin to explain them all in this post. So check the forum’s FAQ and Important topics!

THP Registry

THP Registry often has flash sales and discounts, but this time we are going BIG! To celebrate this anniversary, we will be giving you a discount of 50% on EVERYTHING! This means you will get a litter registered for €2,50 €1,25, a hedgehog registered for €1,50 €0,75 or a Premium Membership for €30,00 €15,00. We are also implementing a forum here for our participating breeders. And for the Premium Members, we will be giving some new features as well, including a forum section solely available to Premium Members. But we will be bringing a few things extra to the table for our Premium Members to make it worth your while… Shh! It’s still a bit of a secret what is going to happen there.

And don’t forget we still have the sponsoring of Zooeasy, who has made a coupon code for every new breeder buying a 1 year license of their online pedigree software, which is still active until the end of december this year!

Click the image to read to post about the sponsorship.

Our future

As we are still improving and expanding The hedgehog Program and THP Registry we are always welcoming feedback, so if you have any issues, make sure to hit the Tech support section of the forum! That way we can help you and you can help us.

Aside from this, we are still working on improving our genetic calculator, we are exploring new ways and subjects to research, we will be adding a lot more information to the Hedgehog Wiki and implement information based on smaller researches.

We are also always looking for independent researchers to write articles are improve the general knowledge on any hedgehog or tenrec species. So if you are someone with knowledge that hasn’t been published on The Hedgehog Program or you simply enjoy writing a good informational article, you are more than welcome to contact us!

We hope to make both websites even more educational and interactive, so you can have the best experience and learn more about these special creatures we have as our beloved pets.

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