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Our partners are a valuable asset to our researches, so we want them to have a special place in our website. They have donated data willingly and have heped us through a great amount of research! Do you want to become a partner? You can always submit one of the forms, which are found on each page of our projects. By submitting a form and sending your webpage and hedgery/shelter/registry name, you will become a partner to our international project!

Also if you don’t breed and don’t have a shelter, registry or club, you can become a partner. If you have a website you want to display here, just state that one in the form. Or enter the Facebook group you’re an admin to, that will work as well.


Within The Netherlands, we have five partners. Four breeders: Hedgery Dèvi, Hedgery Priklee, Hedgery Kalunguyeye and Hedgery of the High Moors. The last breeder is also the founder of this project. Our fifth partner is blogger Hedgehogs of Asgard, who does a lot of informational blogposts.


In Germany, we have five partners. Four breeders: Grimm’s Igelnest, Shamrock-Hedgies, KS Berlinhedgies and Weimarer Stachelchen. Our fifth partner is the Europian Hedgehog Club Europe e.V.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom we have eight partners. Six breeders: Ouchmouse House, Jaggy Babies, PixiePigs Hedgehogs, Quills and Thrills, Humble Hogs and Chelsea’s Rabbit Warren. Our other two partners are TVT Vivariums who make vivariums on request and Rainbow Hogs African Pygmy Hedgehogs Sale Page on Facebook, of which an admin has provided us with a few pedigrees. Both Ouchmouse House and Quills and thrills are also working with us as our research breeders.


In Slovenia we have one partner, Sweet Spiky Hedgies, who has been one of our research breeders from the very beginning of the project and has provided us wth numerous pedigrees and let’s us follow her litters step by step.


In Hungary we have three partners who all are breeders: Mimi Törpesün, Smiling Hedgies and Zempléni Hedgies. Zempléni is also on of our research breeders.


In Denmark we have three partners, who all are breeders: TinyZoo Hedgehogs, Jacobines Stueopdræt and LyL Hedgehogs. TinyZoo and Jacobina are also two of our research breeders on the project.

United States

In the Inited States of America we have five partners, all breeders: Hedges Hedgehogs, Northern Indiana Hedgehogs, Heart of Ohio Hedgehogs, BumbleBee Hedgehogs and Bayou Side Hedgehogs. Bayou Side Hedgehogs is also a research breeder on our project.


We have one partner in Canada, although she’s currently about to stop breeding hedgehogs: Hedgehog’s Island.


In Poland we have one partner, we is also a research breeder on our project: Mifan Hedgies.


In the Ukraine, we have one partner who is a breeder: медовыйкрай (Honey Edge).


In Argentina we have two partners, who are both research breeders on our project: Erizos Panzas Verdes and Pinchuditos Erizos Africanos.


In Czech we have one partner: the first Czech registry called Afrických trpasličích ježkẙ.

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