[ePub] African pygmy hedgehog: Atelerix albiventris


African Pygmy Hedgehogs are real African hedgehogs that originate from the Subsahara. That region is also called the Sahel and is the natural habitat of ‘The Big Five’. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are also animals who have been kept as pets since the 90’s and became popular very rapidly across the world. On the scientific field a lot is still unknown about them but in collaboration with the UICN Red List, Hedgehogs of Asgard, The Hedgehog Program, co-author Lindy de Vries and a student from the University of Utrecht, this book is a perfect fit all keepers. Whether it is for a breeder or a pet owner, the book offers a lot of information about all subjects around ownership of these rare pets and also gives a peak into their natural environment.

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