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De Witbuikegel als huisdier  By Judith Bos

The African Pygmy Hedgehog (Ateleri albiventris) is held as pet in The Netherlands from about the year 2000 and their popularity has risen massively ever since. Many new owners are stuck with questions, because there isn't a lot of information found about the species even on the internet. Certainly in Dutch, information is scarce. A care guide about these exotic pets is very handy.

In this book is information on housing, caring and propagation explained on a low level so a new owner can read though it easily. Stuffed with information, nice photos and a list of approved snacks, this book contains it all.

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Az africai fehérhasú Törpesün By Richterné Csornai Gabriella

Are you not getting any answers or do different sources give you conflicting answers? When I bought my first hedgehog in 2010, there was very little Hungarian information available on keeping the African Pygmy Hedgehog. Therefore, I was informed about foreign hedgehog websites and books because there was much more experience there.

As a breeder, I get lots of questions from day-to-day job posters, which proves that this problem still exists! Or you will not get answers to your questions, or you may not know which of the many contradictory information you can believe. I wanted to change all this misinformation and fill the gap by writing my own book on hedgehogs.

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Pasning og pleje af afrikanske pygmæ pindsvin By Jacobine Moestrup

More and more Danish animal lovers have their eyes set on African Pygmy Hedgehogs as a pet but how do you care for them. This book is filled with knowledge, experience and good advice about caring for African Pygmy Hedgehogs and gives answers to a number of questions new owners may have.

What do you need to look at? What makes my African Pygmy Hedgehog happy? What is normal and abnormal behavior and what can I do to cure abnormal behavior? If the hedgehog is ill and looks different than usual, then this book has plenty of good advice to point out what to do. And how you'll get the best experience and joy in having a hedgehog.

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