Coming soon!

You might have noticed that a few bigger registries are not as active anymore or have completely stopped their activities. This causes a lot of breeders towards having to make their own pedigrees and losing insight on their lines in regards to inbreeding percentages and related bloodlines. After we’ve heard a few breeders talk about their need for a good registry, we decided to act on that!

The Hedgehog Program is currently building a new registry that will have a worldwide reach and will be accessable to all! Due to the fact that some countries have never used pedigrees before, we want to make it an easy accessable platform. We will highlight a few services we will provide in the new registry, directly on the website:

Become a member to

  • See the list of breeders & rescues
  • Explore the map of breeders and rescues worldwide
  • Check the information pages about breeders and rescues
  • Check the profile pages & blogs of other users, which includes members, breeders and rescues
  • Send a direct message through the profile pages
  • Make your own blog, you can set the privacy per post to: public, members, friends or only yourself
  • Become friends
  • Request information on the hedgehog you bought from a registering breeder

Join the registrars group (only breeders) to also

  • Get an informational page about your hedgery
  • Get your own database of registered hedgehogs, visible directly on the website and accessable anytime
  • Request & report information on your hedgehogs (health certs, vet documents, weights, matings, offspring, pedigree, show results & more)
  • Post available hoglets to the sale section of the website
  • Join the forum to connect with other breeders & rescues

Or join the rescue group (only for rescues) to also

  • Join the forum to connect with other rescues & breeders
  • Post available hedgehogs to the sale section of the website
  • Get your own informational page about your rescue
  • Keep record of your new owners & sold hedgehogs in your own database, visible directly on the website and accessable anytime
  • Report & request information on a hedgehog from your database

It’s a bit uncertain at this point when the new register will become active, but we will make sure to post it on the blog and our facebook as well as the community groups of The Hedgehog Program. More information will follow!