Hedgehog research and education platform

Average age

As the species is being held as pets since the early 90’s, the lifespan in captivity has gone up. But there’s never really done any research so far, so we’d like to set up a project in which we can give a small indication of how the average lifespan developed over the years. In this database, we’ll track the age, gender and country of the anima, but we also well provide a pop-up with some more information on the specific hedgehog if applicable.

Click the ‘See info’ button to see more information on the specific litter. It will open in a pop-up. If you have a pop-up blocker or ad blocker this may cause issues opening the information pop-up.

Hedgehog IDGenderAge of passingCountry of originInformation
H0001Female0 years / 11 monthsGermany
H0002Male2 years / 8 monthsThe Netherlands
H0003Female2 years / 7 monthsThe Netherlands
H0004Male1 year / 3 monthsThe Netherlands
H0005Male1 year / 11 monthsGermany
H0006Male4 years / 6 monthsThe Netherlands
H0007Female0 years / 11 monthsFrance
H0008Female0 years / 2 monthsThe Netherlands
H0009Female0 years / 10 monthsFrance
H0010Male3 years / 11 monthsThe Netherlands
H0011Male1 year / 9 monthsThe Netherlands
H0012Female0 years / 1 monthThe Netherlands
H0013Male1 year / 9 monthsGermany
H0014Female0 years / 10 monthsGermany
H0015Male1 year / 4 monthsGermany
H0016Male4 years / 4 monthsGermany
H0017Female1 year / 5 monthsGermany
H0018Female3 years / 8 monthsGermany
H0019Female1 year / 4 monthsGermany
H0020Female1 year / 9 monthsGermany
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