Snack list

This list contains the foods and treats that a hedgehog can have. We like to mention again that vegetables and fruits are strictly optional and are not to be given as a regular due to the inability of African Pygmy Hedgehogs being unable to properly process and digest plant matter. Also make sure all foods and treats you offer your hedgehog are food grade, this is especially important with the mentioned supplements. In case of offering vegetables to your hedgehogs it’s best to boil them first and et them cool down as this makes it softer and a little easier to digest.

Insects Small prey & meat Vegetables Fruits Supplements Don’t feed this
Buffaloworms Mice
(defrosted or prekill)
Pumpkin Strawberry Salmon oil Avocado
Mealworms Baby mice
(defrosted or prekill)
Carrot Cranberries Linseed oil Pineapple
Morioworms Snails
(up to 4 cm)
Asparagus Papaya Taurine drops Sour apples
(too acidic)
Dubia roaches Rats
(defrosted or prekill)
Broccoli Plum Seaweed powder Union
Redrunners One day chicks
(defrosted or prekill)
Sweet potato Watermelon Grinded eggshell Garlic
Crickets Dwarfhamster
(defrosted or prekill)
Cucumber Banana Yeast Cabbage
(can cause gass)
Grasshoppers Small reptiles
(defrosted or prekill)
Spinach (sweet) Apple Boiled rice Grapes & raisins
Waxmoths Meat kinds: Beef, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, mutton, goat, horse Green beans Pear Boiled Pearl Barley Rhubarb
Phoenix worms Fish
(Beware high fat, salt & smelly stools)
Peas Cherry
(stones removed)
Cooked Coos Coos Human candy & chips
Dendrobena’s Turnip Mango Boiled egg
(yolk can be given raw)
Dola larvae Celery Apricot Cooked pasta
Dried fruits & nuts
Silkworms Mushrooms
(food grade)
Peach Baby foods
(no grains, pasta or rice)
Lactose products
Butterworms Sweetcorn Nectarine Food with dangerous additives
Bell peppers Melon
Tomato Blueberries
Cauliflower Raspberries
Mashed potato
(boiled, no additives!)
Iceberg salad
(limited, acidic)


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