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      Judith Bos

      Hi everyone!

      Here at The Hedgehog Program we aim to make research about our beloved hedgehogs and tenrecs happen! Over the past years we have done a lot of research towards genetics which has resulted into the African Pygmy Hedgehogs Genetics course and we are currently still researching the structure and pigmentation of quills in hairs in different species as well as doing research towards the overall health and weight of the species in captivity. But aside from research, we also want to educate people. Not in the most traditional way, but through online courses, our Hedgehog Wiki and eBooks! We want to build a community that is all for education, research and improving the health and lifespan of our pets. Because we are licensed breeders ourselves through the hedgery, we are highly invested into the welfare of our species.

      With THP Registry, our second business, we built an international platform to register breeders, their hedgehogs and their litters. This does not only help with our researches, but also helps to create more insight into lineages over generations. We aim to improve the experience breeders have with the platform and are always happy to listen to any feedback, because the platform is especially made for our users and their needs! We maintain the World Initials Database, displaying all of the initials of breeders around the globe. We started in Europe, then America and now have stepped foot into Africa as well. But of course, anyone is welcome!

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