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hedgehog Business

Final conclusion field research European hedgehog 2023

Hoogeveen – The Hedgehog Program started field research into the European hedgehog in 2023, specifically asking in which parts of the municipality the species is...
231222-Hylomys-hedgehog-mb-1024-f1d3c7 Science

Five new soft-furred hedgehogs discovered after taxonomic revision

The hylomys genus has been revised through molecular and morphological data from museum specimens across its distribution, resulting in the description of two new species...
hands-2847508_1280 Business

New volunteers!

You may have noticed in recent posts, that some of the articles are written by people who haven’t posted on The Hedgehog Program before and...
Tenrec-Lizl Tenrecs

Tenrecs and their cloaca

Cloaca What are cloaca? The cloaca is the rear orifice in an organism that serves as the only opening for digestive, reproductive, and urinary tracts....
brown and black hedgehog standing on brown dry leaved Hedgehogs

A long winters nap

Suddenly it’s November and the seasons are changing in Europe. Winter is coming.. And hedgehogs are desperately searching for food to gain weight for hibernation....
380513324_348522264290841_8244730388460525152_n Business

Night of the night event

A few weeks ago we were asked to participate in an event of the IVN organisation in our hometown, to speak about hedgehogs. It didn’t...
242116690_256208259591112_4122051001626667725_n Breeding community

Fund a hedgehog rescue center!

Casteford Hedgehog Rescue has over 30.000 folowers on Facebook and has received suggestions to become a sanctuary and build a rescue center. After considerarion, this...

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