The Hedgehog Program is a worldwide online platform that has an integrated translation plug-in, so everyone from anywhere in the world can read the information in their own language. The platform includes a pedigree registry system for breeders and rescues, a forum with lots of information, a research database and this main website including a lot of information, articles, courses and a webshop with handy downloadables.

We focus on making research on a non-scientific level and educating owners, rescues and breeders on a low level of understanding. Over the past years we also have found a few collaborations with other registries and even academic institutes. We hope to grow out to be the leading platform about pet hedgehogs. Starting with African Pygmy Hedgehogs and Long Eared Hedgehogs and hopefullt growing towards more species of pet and wild hedgehog species. There is a lot to learn about these amazingly shy but fierce critters roaming the Eurasian and African grounds and together with the community of pet owners, we might be able to make actual research happen!

Explore our website and learn with us, enjoy!