Thursday, May 24, 2018


In the near future we will have a small collection of online courses you can enroll for a small fee. The courses will be available through Open Learning and will be on a low level of understanding, so even a beginner will have no problem to read through the material...

Research Database

This is the place where you find all of our collected data on genetics, health issues and weights of hedgehogs. The health project is devided into three categories and the weight gainig project into four. If you want to contribute, there will be a contact form on the bottom of...


Op deze pagina kun je al onze partners vinden. Wil jij onze partner worden? Je kunt altijd een van de formulieren invullen, die te vinden zijn op elke pagina van onze projecten. Door het indienen van een formulier en ons jouw website en naam te sturen, kun je een partner worden! Ook...


Welcome to the THP blog! This is where we post random video's information related to hedgehogs or progress within THP or our researches. Feel free to comment ideas for this blog or request topics!

Dietary information

Breeding matters