Our genetics research focusses on the color inheritance and discovering the genetic codes of all colors and patterns available in African Pygmy Hedgehogs.


With our health research we can determine the most common issues in the captive population of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and maybe link them to weaker colors that might need to be avoided by breeders. But this data can also be used by institutes to do more research into these common issues.


With our weights research we can develope a guideline for beginning owners or breeders to see how much growth they can expect from a young hoglet, a pregnant hedgehog or how much a senior hedgehog might decline in weight.

Microscopic research

Our microscopic research focusses on the structural build-up and the pigmentation of quills and hairs. We start off with African Pygmy hedgehogs and will go to other species of hedgehogs on the long run too.

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