The Hedgehog Program is all about research and we’re about to show you how much fun this really is! It’s not all about laboratories and white coats! Our researches are highly interactive and based upon real data from the hedgehog community. So we will always find a way to improve our interaction with you! The summary sheets of our genetics research are published publicly. You can have a small peak into what’s going on whenever we discover something new. The real paper is yet to be published, but we want you to have a good time. You can find the summary’s on Judith’s Academia profile.

Hedgehog genetics

Hedgehogs are lovely pets, we are sure you wil agree with us on that! But their genetics have never been thouroughly researched. With our research, we hope to discover how the colors and patterns are inherited. You can help, simply by filling out our application form!

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We all know that hedgehogs can live anywhere from 4 years old up to 8 years and sometimes even a bit longer. But what happens when the species become weaker through breeding? Or stronger, ofcourse! This is something we can research if you’re willing to fill out our application form.

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Pet hedgehogs are prone to obesity and many new owners have no clue how their hedgehog should be gaining weight. A lot of people say there’s no line in this, but that’s not entirely true. Did you know, they gain weight from a very young age and stop gaining in every quilling phase? And did you know that seniors, despite losing weight, still are very healthy as they also get smaller? These curves can be researched to see if there is anything near an average or a guideline. That way, new owners can have a guideline to hold on to.

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Microscopic research

Since the end of 2018, we are working towards a microscopid research to find differences in structure and pigment between the colors there are in hedgehog. By sending us quills and hairs from your hedgehog, you can aid us in this new adventure. It will be our first microscopic research and can possibly point towards weaker colors in pet hedgehogs. Together with our genetics research, it can also make up for an even more thourough research.

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