This is a project started by Hedgery of the High Moors, a Dutch hobbybreeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Due to the lack of scientific research and university studies, they wanted to research the species to create knowledge and spread the word about how to care for them. But after a few months, they decided to take it a few steps further, by setting up small researches towards weightgaining and genetics.

By simply collecting litter outcomes from all kinds of different combination in colors, you can see how certain colors behave and thereby creating a list of dominant and recessive colors. This does take a while, maybe even a few years. But eventually, getting a list of color genes isn’t that hard. The really hard thing is: Researching whether or not certain genes cause health issues or difformaties in body type.

Overall The Hedgehog Program is a worldwide project to go and research African Pygmy Hedgehogs, their genetics, health issues and weight gaining in different conditions. But education is also one of the main goals, as in many countries around the globe , information about the species is very limited or even non-excistent. It’s time to change!