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Genetic research


Genetic research focuses on collecting pedigrees to extract and analyze information about heredity patterns. In this way we can record the inheritance of different colors and patterns in African Pygmy Hedgehogs and in time also the other species of hedgehogs and tenrecs.


We examine the general health status of African Pygmy Hedgehogs to determine if there are any noticeable syndromes that can be further investigated so that we can focus on them later. We also monitor the general health of other hedgehogs and tenrecs.

Health research
Weight examination


By monitoring weights, we can make a long-term guideline for weights according to age and situation. It requires a lot of data and a lot of additional information. We want to create these guidelines for all species kept in captivity to support the animals and breeders of these animals.


In our microscopic research, we collect hairs and quills from hedgehogs and tenrecs to make and record scale casts, cross-sections and close-ups. With this information and these images we investigate the structural differences and the differences in pigmentation, between different species and also sorted by color.

Microscope research
Field research

Field research

Field research is ideal for observing and recording animal behavior, or for taking stool samples from wild animals to study dietary behavior in this way. By doing this in different places with different types of hedgehogs and tenrecs, you can get a good idea of the lifestyle of the animals and the biggest differences between the species.


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