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About The Hedgehog Program


The Hedgehog Program is a research and education center in the field of hedgehogs and tenrecs. We are a small business that works from home but has a major influence on owners and breeders of captive species. By means of digital data, microscopic research and observational studies, we conduct non-invasive research into the different species and bring the information directly to the target groups that benefit most from it.

The Hedgehog Program was officially registered as a company on October 14, 2019, but Judith Bos has started starting the project since 2011. Born out of pure passion and her love for animals and nature, she has gained an increasing number of followers over the years that support her in the goal of doing as much research as possible to bring up more knowledge about these special animals.

In the meantime, she has achieved a lot with her project, which eventually grew into a truly international platform. For example, she had several times an interview with De Telegraaf, VROUW and RTV Drenthe about her hobby, Luuk Ikink had an item in RTL Boulevard about hedgehog Snow with her 7 babies, and the name The Hedgehog Program has already been mentioned several times in international television stations.


In the very early days, this website used to be the Dutch ‘Witbuikegel Wiki’, a website with only the very basic care and information on African Pygmy Hedgehogs in the Dutch language. Over time more information was added and the website started to grow and gain foreign interest. There was also a forum called ‘Witbuikegel Forum’, which was linked to this website.

In the year 2015, it was decided to translate the wiki website into English with a translator built in, so Dutch people could still read it in their own language. The website started to grow fast with foreign interest and over these years the website had been translated into other languages including Spanish, Italian, Danish, German, Dutch and a few others. But the website grew too big to manage it in all languages offered, so the other languages were deleted and only the English language stayed. The Dutch translation only came back since 2021, replacing the Witbuikegel Wiki for good.

Researches towards color inheritance began in the year 2014, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the first summary sheets of this research became published on Academia. With the help of the community sending in pedigrees and information on born litters, more than 3000 pedigrees were collected over these years.

In 2018, after the rebranding, the research towards color inheritance was half done, meaning the dark eyed colors possible at this time were all discovered and published in summary sheets on Academia. The researches towards pink eyed colors began, as well as the microscopic research into quill pigmentation and structure. A new registry with a worldwide goal to manage pedigrees and information like a global database was set-up and in 2019 a database website for the research information as well as a new forum were created.

Company Information

Company names The Hedgehog Program
Chamber of Commerce number 76060764
Headquarter Baarlelaan 23
7906GB Hoogeveen
The Netherlands
E-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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