Research Database

Our database is where you find all of our collected data on the researches. Each of these researches are devided into different categories so we can make a more specific research towards all topics. If you want to contribute, there will be a contact form on the bottom of each page which you can fill out to send us more information to base our researches on!

Hedgehog genetics

The genetics research is all about determining colors and patters. Defining the wild type, reseaching the base genes and then making a full list of combined genes to determine the rest of the possible colors. It’s a long process which will take years to finish, but it helps breeders in many ways!


Weight gaining

The researches about the weight gaining in hedgehogs, is to make a guideline for beginning breeders and new owners that might want to compare weight gaining. It also helps us to determine how their body works in certain situations. A pregnant hedgehog might gain weight but they often drop in weights as we, but why? Nobody seems to really know, which is why we want to find out!

Pregnant hedgehogs

This part of the database contains weights of pregnant hedgehogs. It has their weight from day 1 of the mating up to the day they have delivered their hoglets.



Here you’ll find the growth charts of litters. The litters are weighed each week until they move out and there are hoglets that might have stayed at the breeder and are weighed until they reach 12 months and become adults.



Adults that have been weighed, are displayed here. They are categorised to their age to see what’s the minimum weight, maximum weight, sizes and average weight for each catergory.



Seniors drop weight eventually, when they really get old. But when do they get old? These elderly hedgehogs are weighed from 4 years old until they pass away.



We all know that hedgehogs can live anywhere from 4 years old up to 8 years and sometimes even a bit longer. But, what if the age goes up or down due to breeding? Is out average lifespan still correct or has it changed over time? What about the issues they get when they get older? Or are there any issues found more commonly in a certain color or is it all just bad luck? This is what we want to research in this project about their health.

Average age

By sending in the age of your hoglet when it died, we can determine the average lifespan of hedgehogs from a minimum to an maximum and a good average.


Age related issues

When you send in the issues with the form, after your hedgehog died, we can see if those issues are more common in certain age groups.


Color specific issues

If you submit the color of your passed away hedgehog along with the issues it had and the ge, we can even see if certain issues are more common in specific color which might share a gene.